Welcome to Loyola! Students from the class of 2020 wrote and designed the articles on this website to give you the inside scoop about living at Loyola. You have a lot of information, for sure, but what you’ll read here is advice from first-years with your questions in mind. In The Mission they’ve given you information about the values we hold here at Loyola. They talk about engaging the core, service opportunities, Messina, and your teachers. In On Campus, you’ll find articles with good things to know about campus living, including information about living with roommates, the Fitness and Aquatic Center, and ALANA Services, for starters. Off Campus includes pieces about Camden Yards and going to an Orioles game, serving on York Road, and Hampden, with advice on how to get around town and out of town. In Food and Advice, you’ll find lots of great restaurant ideas, from Miss Shirley’s to Alonso’s, and you’ll also find some tips on managing your money and staying healthy. Loyola has so many resources. If you find you need something and you’re not sure where it is, don’t hesitate to ask. We are so excited that you’re here!

The Mission

“Strong Truths Well Lived”

Our mission here at Loyola University Maryland is to provide students with a warm environment that fosters creativity, academic excellence, and self-reflection. The Jesuit education is founded on the principle of “Cura Personalis”:  care for the whole individual. Students grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, both inside and outside the classroom, and the faculty are dedicated to their students’ success and well-being. The following articles detailing the Mission of our Jesuit university will give you a sense of what makes Loyola’s community so strong and diverse.

Austin brand  “The value of service”
david campos  “messina: more than just a class”
Kelsey Hawkins  “don’t worry, your parents aren’t wasting their money:  a student’s perspective on the value of a liberal arts education”
Rachel koller  “Baltimore, the greatest city in America:  seeing our neighbors as we see ourselves”
joey martino  “Becoming a Jesuit:  the core”
Kelly pease  “are you up for the challenge? a look at Loyola’s values”




On Campus

A Place Like Home

Welcome to the family! As a new undergraduate on Loyola’s Evergreen Campus, keep in mind that you will be here until you fulfill your primary goal of graduating. Whether it’s for the next three, four, or more years, this place will not just be where you come to complete academics. The articles in this series will encourage you to seek out niches and cherish moments that make our campus feel like home. Here students will share things that worked for them and might work for you, as well!

michelle tiffany boca  “ALAna services: welcoming cultural diversity “
julianne d’andrea  “from cold to warm:  how Loyola’s staff makes you feel at home”
maura elwood  “a home away from home:  Loyola theatre”
kevin McKenna  “cura faconalis:  The FAc”
alice regan  “home is where the turf is:  ridley field”
laura siliezar  “humanities”
skylar singer  “The Roommate handbook”
Kaitlyn zwerling  “stress makes the belly ache:  support at the counseling center”


Off Campus

The City that Holds You

Whether going out with friends or going on a school-sponsored “Options” trip, there’s plenty to do in “Charm City”! You may think you know Baltimore, or feel as though certain stereotypes are all you need to know, but Loyola will encourage you to explore and view Baltimore through different lenses. The following articles have been written by Loyola Undergrads to direct you towards opportunities within your new surroundings. Hopefully, you will use them to consider what Baltimore has to offer outside of what you already know (or think you know).

Katherine beecher  “So many books, so little time:  the Baltimore book festival”
Andrew cantone  “The charm of adventure”
jack Dobson  “Finding your way:  Baltimore transportation”
Maddie hart  “hampden:  eclectic and electric”
syed kazmi  “it’s more complicated than you think”
Sabrina Mitchell  “having knowledge of York road”
jane powers  “Baltimore on Wheels”
lily prince  “O! The places in Baltimore you’ll go”
john sacovich  “a whole new world:  stony run trail”
jay venit  “Baltimore’s ABC’s:  things to do”
kyle wenning  “how bout ‘dem o’s”





Food and Advice

Food in Action

Need some recommendations for food? Wondering what Baltimore has to offer? You’re in luck:  read as Loyola students give you the ins and outs of restaurants and hotspots around Baltimore with food to die for! Sometimes you grow sick of on campus food; no worries! Baltimore has an abundance of restaurant options to cater to everyone’s needs.  There’s no shortage of options.

Things You Need to Know

College can be a difficult transition for some students:  adjusting to living away from home, having to balance your time with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, staying healthy, and managing your money take some getting used to.  Students have written articles on various aspects of the transition process, and hope to ease any discomfort and nerves you might have.

Broc Burger  “Miss Shirley’s Café”
Alyssa cook  “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
Kristina Burns  “A Taste of Blue and White:  Ouzo Bay”
Emily Fitzsimmons  “Old Bay new spice”
Jill Fury  “The Buzz of Baltimore’s caffeine scene”
Kyle gower  “Alonso’s”
drew isennock  “a day at belvedere square”
kira Mitchell  “A quick fix:  staying healthy”
Elisabeth moffitt  “Poutine a New Place”
michelle reilly  “The mentors that hound you”
Jacob russo  “famous faidley’s”